Hydrodemolition uses high pressure water and a robot to remove deteriorated, or unwanted concrete quickly while leaving the rebar and surrounding structures intact.

Membrane Removal

2X Hydro-Demolition can remove old membrane coatings from parking garages to allow new coatings to be applied. 

Water Treatment

Let us do the water treatment for the job. We have a reliable system to meet your pH and suspended solids requirements.



2X Hydro-Demolition was started with the idea of building a better company to do hydro-demolition.  It has partners and employees with over 60 years of combined experience. We started by building a new robot. Then we purchased the most powerful pumps made. The Hammelmann pumps have 1,000 HP and operate @ 20,000 psi.  We added a Conjet 557 for thinner cuts and membrane removal.  In 2017 two Aquajet 710EVO 2.0 were added to the fleet.  We do hydro-demolition, membrane removal, overhead work, clean-up, and water treatment. We specialize in custom jobs and high profile work. 




Wastewater Clarifier Grout Removal.

Ice Rink image10959

Vacuum Truck

Toledo Bend KALB News

2X Hydro-Demolition makes the local news.

Mathews Bridge Duvall FL

Ready to start work on the Mathews Bridge.

Mathews_Bridge Wiki

Mathews Bridge Jacksonville FL


Sabine River Authority


AquaJet Robot

WJTA 2018 New Orleans

WJTA 2018 New Orleans

Guzzler Vacuum Truck

Guzzler Vacuum Truck

Delaminated Concrete

Spalled or Delaminated Concrete that needs to replaced.

Cameron LNG, Hackberry LA

Hammelmann Pumps Available to Rent

Port Of Houston, TX

Clean up at the Port of Houston. Making a better Wharf to Unload Ships.

Garrison Dam, ND

8' X 800' ,12 to 16 inch deep removal of the spillway expansion joint.

Capitol Garage, Frankfort, KY

Working adjacent to the State Capitol. High profile work is our specialty.

Ravia, OK

Bridge over Washita River. Hydro-demolition removed concrete from around rebar.

Overland Park, KS

Conjet robot removing concrete on parking deck. Hydro-demolition at work.

Garrison Dam, ND

Hydrodemolition on dam spillway with 20% grade.

Garrison Dam, ND

Water Treatment. After treatment water quality meets specification to discharge into Missouri River.

Cambridge Hospital, MA

Noise cancelling containerized pumps let hospital patients sleep well.

Fort Randall Dam, SD

New rebar tied into the old.

Garrison Dam, ND

Working for the US Army Corps Of Engineers.

Cambridge Hospital, MA

Hydrodemolition can also be called waterblasting and waterjetting.

Comcast Innovation Center, PA

Safety training and personal protection equipment is a priority.

Capitol Garage, Frankfort KY

2X provided hydro-demolition, debris clean up and disposal, and all water treatment requirements on this site.

Garrison Dam, ND

Large area patch on dam spillway.

Ravia, OK

Removal of concrete from around bridge expansion joints.

Fort Randall Dam, SD

Re-cutting 8" to 12" repair of previous contractors work. Granite aggregate up to 6".

Port Of Houston, TX

Working at Wharf 23 Port Of Houston.

Overland Park, KS

Hydrodemolition of concrete to expose rebar in preparation for new concrete placement.

Garrison Dam, ND

2X Hydro-Demolition uses cutting-edge automation and customization to complete each job.

Fort Randall Dam, SD

2X Hydro-Demolition specializes in the latest up to date equipment.

Garrison Dam, ND

Mobilization of 2X Hydro-Demolition's Pumps and Robot.

Overland Park, KS

This hotel picked hydro-demolition due to noise and vibrations restictions. Hydrodemolition also called hydroblasting or hydromilling.

Cameron LNG, Hackberry LA

Hammelmann Pumps used at Cameron LNG.

Comcast Innovation Center, PA

Quick response time to limit construction delays.

Capitol Garage, Frankfort KY

Hydrodemolition on spiral garage ramps and overhead concrete removal on underside of ramp.


Dams and Spillways
Parking Garages
Piers and Docks
Bridges and Roads


No hydrodemolition equipment is for sale at the present time. See the Equipment for Rent page about rentals.


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